Isabela Raygoza

A writing and editing professional in the media and entertainment industry with over three years of experience. Her works have appeared in MTV Iggy, ABC News, NPR, Noisey MX, Remezcla, Austin Vida, Latina Magazine, and Bitch Magazine among others. Welcome to my work!

    Selector: Kumbia Queers Pick 10 Cuts of Cumbia (Plus Other Favorites) →

    Known for their eclectic amalgam of cumbia villera and punk rock, the bawdy riot grrrls of Kumbia Queers have created a unique brand of “tropipunk,” and it is one sexy musical creature. The six chicas who are formerly of different iconic punk bands — Mexico’s Ultrasónicas and Argentina’s She…

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    Changing Colors: Russian Red is a Woman in Transition →

    On a brisk night in the Lower East Side, the Mercury Lounge is crammed, thankfully not with obnoxious St. Paddy’s Day partygoers, but with a zealous crowd ready to see the petite Madrileña singer-songwriter called Russian Red, AKA Lourdes Hernández. She looks as cool as a cigarette with her silver…

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    Our own original: the bloody mojito! (at Eldert Lofts)

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    Pictureplane Explores the Outer Reaches in Brooklyn →

    “Music is a spiritual and emotional release and my art making and design work is a lot more cerebral. I’m trying to say the same thing with each creative outlet. I have a lot of concepts and messages that interlock in both,” explains Travis Egedy during our interview at Trans Pecos,…

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    Leslie Grace: Bachata’s Young First Lady Charms with Retro Flair →

    Conventional wisdom says talent is developed over time, but every now and then we run into a rising star where we have to say that she’s just naturally got it. Meet New York-born Dominican darling Leslie Grace(who you may recall from our bachata list). She’s had a gift for…

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    Jarabe de Palo Pursue Knowledge of Self on Somos →

    If you know a thing or two about Latin rock music, then you know Barcelona’s Jarabe de Palo. The quintet, led by Pau Donés, has been a leading force in the Spanish-language rock milieu since the ’90s. This is partly due to the band’s widely recognized…

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    The Rise and Rise of Bachata: 9 Artists You Have to Know Now →

    On the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic exists a mecca of music that thrives beyond its surrounding waters. Yes, we’re talking about bachata, a sultry tropical rhythm in 4/4 loaded with graceful nylon guitar riffs (boleros) and silky smooth percussion, made for flings and romance. Its signature lyrics deal with love…

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    Time Traveling and Tarot Card Reading with Federico Aubele →

    Federico Aubele’s downtempo beats, smooth electro dub, tango with edgy accents, melodic bandoneon samples, and gorgeous nylon-string guitar combine to produce an elegant, feel-good ambience. The Argentinian musician with the dark, fuzzy Afro and the low baritone-voice blends sounds that will transport you to a hidden nightclub where the crowd vibes sensually…

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    Scene Report: Cross-border Musical Resistance via Son Jarocho →

    “This is a celebration of the 10th year anniversary of son jarocho in New York City,” proudly proclaims Gabriel Guzmán, composer, vocalist, and jaranista of Radio Jarocho, during a New Year’s Eve 2013 performance at Terraza 7. The venue sits beneath the 7 train in Elmhurst, Queens, New York. It’s a…

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    De La Tierra: El Nuevo Levantamiento de Metal →

    ¿Estamos a punto de ver la revivificación del metal que decayó al inicio de los años 2000? ¿Ha botado Maná sus canciones cursis por la ventana y ahora se están transformando en una banda metalera? ¿Está Sepultura a punto de conquistar el mundo con metal en…

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    The 20 Most Utterly Essential Latin Alternative Jams of 2013 →

    This was definitely the year of dance music in Latin Alternative. Maybe we dance to connect, to forget, or to feel whatever it is we want to feel. Whatever the reasons, we danced the hell out of 2013 (and we definitely don’t plan on stopping for 2014). This was also a…

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    More Than a Love Ballad: Meet Cuba’s Pop Darling Diana Fuentes →
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    Los Bunkers Hacen Música Indie Rock con Propósito y Para Durar →

    Chile tiene un caso muy especial cuando se trata de la historia de su música. No es precisamente de un género, sino de letras muy controversiales que pretendió a derrocar un gobierno corrupto. Durante los años 60, esta música se le nombró La Nueva Canción…

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    Chile’s Los Bunkers Build Indie Rock To Last →

    Chile has a certain uniqueness when it comes to their music history, shaped as it is by the legacy of highly controversial lyrics that aimed to overthrow Pinochet’s corrupt military dictatorship. During the ’60s, this music was dubbed La Nueva Canción Chilena (The Chilean New Song)….

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    Days of the Dead: 10 Songs for Remembering Your Ancestors →

    “Death is democratic, because, after all, light-skinned, dark-skinned, rich or poor, everyone ends up a skeleton” once declared Jose Guadalupe Posada, the legendary cartoonist during a time of the Mexican revolution. Famously drawing skeletons in different scenarios, and famously as La Catrina, his works reflected the political flaws of a country…

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